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The first requirement is to successfully complete secondary school (with diploma). Then submit your application (electronically is easiest – just use the button on the top right). Fill in the necessary information and pay the admissions fee. Entrance exams are only held for the Applied Informatics study programme. Other applications are evaluated based on secondary school performance. See our official website HERE for complete admissions process info. MEET DOMINIKA – ONE OF OUR STUDENTS WHO'LL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO: How to apply to FEI STU? Part 1 How to apply to FEI STU? Part 2

In the application form we are interested in your secondary school results, especially your mathematics diploma. Plus points are awarded for any activity beyond mandatory subjects, such as participation in secondary school vocational activity, maths, physics or programming Olympiads, and various student competitions. Your application will stand out when you mention these activities.

Already received your acceptance info? Congratulations! Just one last step – enrolment. Only an enrolled student actually counts as a regular first year student. Fortunately, since the pandemic, enrolment is electronic: it takes place over two deadlines depending on the application round in which you send your application.

A study programme can fill up, so then you aren't admitted to the course. If you receive such notification, don't worry. We'll find you a place on another study programme. Each of which includes informatics, technology and data. And if the new programme doesn't grab you, you can still transfer after the first year, when student numbers normally thin out a bit.

Generally speaking, it's better to send documents physically by post, and in good time – so that our study department can record all your documents and evaluate your application in time. Upload the receipt electronically if you pay via internet banking. This is also how you can deliver send diplomas and various certificates for competitions and report cards for the 2nd and 3rd year. If you've already taken your leaving exams, you'll also have a secondary school diploma. Physically, you need to send a certified set of stamps, which is also in the e-application form. However, you can also send us certified copies of your 2nd and 3rd year report cards and certified copies of your diplomas. If you've already taken your leaving exams, you'll also have a secondary school diploma.

This is the responsibility of the STU accommodation units. The Student Accommodation Authority develops and evaluates criteria for who is eligible. Criteria and other details can be found here. But generally speaking, first-year students are granted accommodation.

Well, FEI certainly sets high standards. But it's not unmanageable or only open to geniuses. Just apply yourself and get used to the system, and then in five years we'll have another engineer in Slovakia. We have helpful and highly qualified teachers, and you can always ask for help from PhD students or other students. We aim to have as many successful graduates as possible, so we want you to succeed.

Rest assured – come and study at FEI STU: 99% of our graduates find employment. Every year, companies come to our undergraduates to select their future colleagues, team leaders and bosses. This applies to all our study programmes.

Great! We organize barbecues, we have beer and kofola on tap, and we like to debate until late in the evening. There's a modern study room with fine coffee, a fitness centre and climbing wall, private pool and buffet. The student parliament organises many activities, and FEI enters the e-sports league. You'll meet lots of people. And many contacts will prove beneficial for your future life.

It's all here in this user-friendly brochure. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE